Movies starring Harmon, Mark

Биография: With an athletic father and an actress mother, it is no surprise Harmon played college football and has found success as one of TV's hunkiest actors. While most of his roles have relied on little more than good looks, Harmon was impressive as the suave doctor on "St. Elsewhere" (1982)" who contracted AIDS.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007
Жанры: Драма | Комедия | Криминал | Приключения
Страны: США
Актёры: Depp, Johnny | Del Toro, Benicio | Maguire, Tobey | Barkin, Ellen | Busey, Gary | Ricci, Christina | Harmon, Mark | Diaz, Cameron | Helmond, Katherine | Jeter, Michael | Jillette, Penn | Bierko, Craig | Lovett, Lyle | Flea | Newman, Laraine
Продюсеры: Gilliam, Terry
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The big-screen version of Hunter S. Thompson’s seminal psychedelic classic about his road trip across Western America as he and his large Samoan lawyer searched desperately for the “American dream”… they were helped in large part by the huge amount of drugs and alcohol kept in their convertible, The Red Shark.

Freaky Friday (2003)

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007
Жанры: Драма | Комедия | Семейные | Фэнтэзи
Страны: США
Актёры: Curtis, Jamie Lee | Lohan, Lindsay | Harmon, Mark | Gould, Harold | Murray, Chad Michael | Tobolowsky, Stephen | Vidal, Christina | Malgarini, Ryan | Hudson, Haley | Chao, Rosalind | Soong, Lucille | Garson, Willie | Spybey, Dina | Gonzalo, Julie | Walter, Christina Marie
Продюсеры: Waters, Mark S. | Waters, Mark
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The wide generation gap between Tess Coleman (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her teenage daughter Anna (Lindsay Lohan) is more than evident. They simply cannot understand each other’s preferences. On a Thursday night they have a big argument in a Chinese restaurant. Both receive a fortune cookie each from the restaurant owner’s mother which causes them to switch bodies next day. As they adjust with their new personalities, they begin to understand each other more and eventually it’s the mutual self-respect that sorts the things out.

Last Supper, The (1995)

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007
Жанры: Драма | Комедия | Криминал | Триллер
Страны: США
Актёры: Diaz, Cameron | Eldard, Ron | Gish, Annabeth | Penner, Jonathan | Vance, Courtney B. | Paxton, Bill | Dunn, Nora | Perlman, Ron | Rosen, Dan | Taylor, Amber | Cooper, Matt | Durning, Charles | Harmon, Mark | Segel, Gil | Chagall, Rachel
Продюсеры: Title, Stacy
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When Pete (Eldard), one of five friends who share an Iowa house, invites Zack (Paxton), a man who gave him a lift home in for supper, the night turns suddenly sour when Zack irrationally attacks Pete, but is killed by the other friends. After this episode, the friends suggest that, having ridden the world of one bad person, they should continue to do the same thing every Sunday night at supper.